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We have established the BETTER LIVING FOUNDATION to give opportunity to disadvantaged youth from backgrounds which offer them minimum hope for a prosperous future.    Using donations and profits from our restaurants we provide  skills training to young people from orphanages, remote villages and disrupted families.
The foundation promotes the values of self worth, community responsibility and a sound work  ethic.   While dining at our restaurants you will more than likely be served by a young person from such a background. The FOUNDATION is establishing a hospitality training school which will run an 18 month course for up to 20 students. They will be provided with supervised housing where social and life skills are developed parallel to their formal skills training in the hospitality industry.

The BETTER LIVING FOUNDATION is moving towards full accreditation of this course and the authority to issue commercially accepted credentials  to our students Your support for this work is greatly appreciated.

The Foundation is also involved in other support and education activities within the rural areas of Quan Nam Province.

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