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“Great Food - Extensive menu & great atmosphere”
Dao Tien
London, United Kingdom
Jul 28, 2009
Both of us are non-fish eaters so we cannot comment on any sea food. We had money bags for starters - which are crispy won tons and were excellent. For main Kat had the duck in ginger with risotto rice and she is a fussy eater but said it was excellent. I fancied beef fried noodles which were not on the menu but they cooked it for me without any fuss. The service was very attentive and the atmosphere very relaxing. Comfortable seating. Probably not the cheapest place in Hoi An to eat but then again we only paid about GBP 30 for starters, main course and 2 bottles fine Chenin Blanc wine & the tip. Take away the wine and the price would have probably been about 10 pounds. Staff also called a cab for us.

Dao Tien
Jul 1, 2009
Discovering the Dao Tien Restaurant was the best part of our trip to HoiAn, over 5 days we ate here 7 times, lunch and dinner and were never once disappointed with the quality of food or service - Try the Chocolate Mousse !!!! My wife says try the Steamed Spring Rolls, I could add many more Chicken Adobo, Tiger Prawns to die for, but will let you discover your own favourites. An excellent chef, great service, delightful Owner. We did the cooking class with a small group of 4, went to the market first and that was a very interesting experience. Good class, professionally done. This restaurant is exceptionally clean, relaxing friendly atmosphere, nice music, cheery efficient staff, but best consistently excellent food.
They have a second restaurant not for from the old town , the Dao Tien Garden Restaurant & Bar - set in a huge cool relaxing garden, same quality of food, better than the Brother Cafe value for money. Indoor, outdoor, air conditioned dining FREE PICK /DELIVERY FROM HOTEL ! That's novel.

Dao Tien
Jun 15, 2009
We were travelling with a group of friends (4 couples) staying in Hoi An for 4 days and our travel agent had passed on the name of Dao Tien from clients who had recently, not only dined there but also followed up with a cooking class. I will say that following a lovely meal there with our friends, 4 of us followed up with a cooking class the next day and it was a great choice. We had investigated other cooking class options but Dao Tien was the best by far. The group was limited to the four of us and we were also given a choice of menu which to us was definatinely a plus because most of the other restaurants had the traditional spring rolls and chicken & sweet corn soup which most of us had made before. We also had the luck to enjoy on our last night another great night at their new restaurant, the Garden Cafe. I would highly recommend both restaurants and if your Aussie you would be supporting another Aussie who has established the restaurants to support the local underpriveleged youths and orphans. Really worth the visit to find out all and enjoy some beautiful food. Money Bags are highly recommened. Enjoy.

“So good we went twice, fantastic food, fun atmosphere and a very happy team”
Dao Tien
London, United Kingdom
May 2, 2009
Starters-Shrimp on sugar cane
Starters-'Money Bags'
Closing Time
Following Lonley Planet and Trip Advisor we headed to the Brothers but were seduced by the Dao Tien. Once inside it's like being a part of the family, the waitresses are very obviously proud of their restaurant and show it by being as helpful as possible. The food doesn't let you down, high quality, wide variety of local dishes and reasonable prices to boot. Although we like to try as many places as possible this was the one restaurant we dined in twice, so good we had to go back. A top notch meal for £5 per person excluding drinks. Tiger beer £1/pint ish.

“Great food, good prices!”
Dao Tien
rural West Aussie
Apr 13, 2009
I could almost have written the other review- we too had our last dinner in Hoi An at the Dao Tien and regretted not discovering it earlier. We had thought to splurge at Brothers but couldn't get past the incredibly high prices for Vietnamese food, so looked at the nearby Dao Tien's menu and were favourably impressed. It was an inspired choice, and one our fellow diners clearly agreed with as we watched others pause to look at the menu and then walk on, to a chorus of "Big mistake!" from those of us already in the restaurant :-)
My husband was particularly impressed with his fish curry, as all the individual vegetables (including okra, very hard to get right) and the fish itself were perfectly cooked even though the cooking times for each would be different. My chicken with lemon leaves was probably the tenderest chicken we have had in Viet Nam, and the homemade icecream we finished was divine.
The service was attentive and the owners delightful to chat with.
I will definitely keep the Dao Tien on my list of restaurants for our next trip to Hoi An, and can recommend it to others without the slightest hesitation.

“THE Best restaurant in Hoi An - Dao Tien”
Dao Tien
Apr 10, 2009
On our last night in Hoi An we stumbled over 'Dao Tien' Restaurant & Bar, 21 Phan Boi Chau St. I must say after travelling for two weeks and eating at a different restaurant for every meal you soon know when you have a good one. The food and the service was just impeccable. The food... well i couldn't recommend it highly enough. The flavour, presentation and variety is fantastic. Predominatly all main dishes are under $8 AUD, which might be about a third more expensive than majority of small hoi an restaurants but it is definatly worth the couple of dollars.
We ate the hoian pancake & Hoian specialty starter for entree, and the pork with cashew and chicken with cashew for mains and finished with deep fried ice cream. The food is just fantastic along with such warm friendly people to serve you. A must to visit on your Hoi An triip!!!! The only bad thing, was we ate here on our last night and could not go back.

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